Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

Experience Real Relief with Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate Therapy in Dallas

Having an advanced, degenerative disease or injury should not mean that you have to live in pain. Even if you have tissue so damaged that it will not respond to PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, you have an alternative that could give you a whole new lease on life. That’s why, at Texas Cell Institute, we offer bone marrow concentrate therapy in Dallas to help our patients find real pain relief without invasive surgery or extensive medical procedures.

How Does Bone Marrow Concentrate Therapy Work?

Your bone marrow is home to a rich and concentrated population of powerful regenerative stem cells. With the aid of IV anesthesia, these cells (called bone marrow aspirate) can easily and comfortably be harvested from your hip. Once the bone marrow aspirate is drawn, we will then process, purify, and concentrate it to create the most potent healing agent possible. Then – using high-tech image-guidance – we will inject it into the affected tissue.

What Can You Expect After BMAC Treatment in Dallas?

After your treatment, we will create a completely personalized post-injection therapy program to help you thoroughly heal and rehabilitate. While traditional treatments like steroids and narcotics provide immediate relief, that relief is almost always temporary and will only mask the pain of the injury. With BMAC treatment in Dallas at Texas Cell Institute, you will experience gradual but potentially permanent pain relief as the bone marrow concentrate therapy takes effect and your body heals and regenerates your damaged tissue.

Patients can expect to feel some soreness and/or swelling during the first two to three days after their injection. This resolves and dissipates entirely after the first week. Every patient is different, and everyone responds differently to bone marrow concentrate therapy, but many patients experience significant improvements starting in as little as two weeks.

With BMAC treatment, our Dallas patients have experienced real, lasting relief through the advanced regenerative power of the stem cells in their own bone marrow. Instead of masking symptoms by repressing the body’s inflammatory response to trauma, injury, or disease, this treatment activates that response, which catalyzes the healing and regenerative process. And, with the help of our network of expert physical therapists, bone marrow concentrate therapy does all that and potentially avoids the need for invasive surgery.

Do you suffer from chronic pain that does not respond to traditional medication or treatments? Find out if you are a good candidate for BMAC treatment in Dallas. Call Texas Cell Institute today at 972-668-9612 for your consultation.

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