Essential Things to Know About Stem Cell Banking

Stem Cell Treament
Essential Things to Know About Stem Cell Banking
Posted by: admin, Posted On: October 24, 2016

If you have ever suffered a trauma or injury, or you suffer from a degenerative disease, that has caused you to experience significant tissue damage, you probably thought to yourself at least once that it would be nice if science could just grow you a new body part. Well, science is actually making groundbreaking headway on regenerating damaged tissue through stem cell treatment.

Stem cell treatment takes cells from a person’s body and uses those cells to help heal, regenerate, or create totally new tissue for an injured person. Stem cell banking is the process of saving aside some stem cells in case you are ever injured in the future, and need treatment without having to go through the process of removing stem cells all over again. While the stem cell debate was a confusing hot topic for many years due to the misinformation that abortions were necessary to retrieve stem cells, the fact is that these cells can be taken from adults, or humans of any age. Here are some other things you may not know about stem cell banking:

Stem Cells Turn into Anything

It doesn’t matter if your disease or injury causes damage to a bone, a muscle, skin, organs, a joint, or any other type of tissue; a stem cell can be used to regenerate anything. This is because stem cells have all the components necessary to form any type of tissue within their structure.

stem cell applications

Stem Cell Applications

Save Yourself from Disease

Over 80 diseases are known to be curable with stem cell treatment. This includes serious life-threatening diseases such as lymphoma and leukemia, but also issues such as osteoporosis. Every year, scientists discover new diseases that are susceptible to stem cell treatment.

You Could Save Your Family

Stem cells can be used to treat those of blood relation as well. Stem cells taken from a baby’s umbilical cord tissue are a 100% match for the baby’s mother, for example. Stem cells taken from other areas of the adult body are a 25% match for parents, a 50% genetic match for siblings, and in some cases, doctors have successfully used stem cells to treat a grandparent.

Stem Cells Can Be Stored Long Term

You don’t have to be currently in a dangerous job, or currently facing a disease, to consider stem cell banking. Stem cells can be secured for longer than 20 years and still be totally viable. The best stem cell banks to go with are FDA-licensed, such as Texas Cell Institute, meaning we have the best technology available for long-term stem cell storage.

You may not be facing health problems now, but what about in the future? If your family has a history of osteoarthritis, for example, you could ensure that you have a treatment option available to treat your pain if you also develop that issue.

Stem Cells are Your Property

No matter where you choose to store your stem cells, or what you may have in mind for storing them, your stem cells are your property. A doctor can suggest a treatment method for you, but at the end of the day, you will say how your stem cells are used to treat any issue you may face.

Stem cell banking is a wise investment in your future health, and in the health of your family members.

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