How We Can Help You Heal a Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorder?

Musculoskeletal Disorder
How We Can Help You Heal a Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorder?
Posted by: admin, Posted On: November 25, 2016

A musculoskeletal disorder is any injury or disorder that affects your ability to move, or your musculoskeletal system’s heath. This system is made up of the body’s nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, discs, and the blood vessels that go to each of those parts – or, all the parts that allow you to move.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the largest category of injuries responsible for worker’s compensation claims. Recent averages show that American companies spend more than 50 billion dollars altogether on MSDs, and the health care required to treat them.

Most Common MSDs

The most common work-related MSDs include carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tension neck syndrome, and thoracic outlet syndrome. Degenerative disc disease, sprained ligaments, digital neuritis, and many other types are also very common. The defining factor among all MSDs is that they are all preventable. These injuries are the result of too much repetitive strain on a particular muscle group or musculoskeletal component.

When you hear business people talking about something that is “ergonomic”, it means something that has been designed to prevent the strain that can lead to an MSD. A keyboard that is ergonomically designed is arranged in a way that the wrists don’t have to bend inward to reach all the keys, for example.


Treating Work-Related MSDs at Texas Cellular Institute

These types of injuries are precisely what we can help treat and possibly even cure at Texas Cell Institute. With our platelet rich plasma treatment, Dallas workers will find that they can get rid of pain and naturally develop stronger body parts with more endurance. This procedure works by drawing blood, and separating the platelet-filled plasma from the blood in order to inject back into the body. The injection will happen right at the site of injury, and the plasma will allow tissue to regenerate and heal itself.

We also offer a variety of stem cell treatments in our Dallas office. Stem cells are immature cells that are ready to become anything at all in the body. By taking these cells from the hip bone, and injecting them into the site of injury, the stem cells will begin transforming into all-new, healthy tissue, to replace the old tissue.

Why PRP and Stem Cell Therapy Works Better than Surgery

A portion of the large health care costs that employers pay annually for work-related MSDs is due to expensive surgery. People who cannot do their job because of the injury feel as though they have no other choice, and turn to surgery to make them productive again. But the treatments we offer at Texas Cell Institute may be far better for you than surgery. Here are some great reasons why:

Surgery carries greater risks, being more invasive and requiring heavier medication. While we do put our patients under anesthesia for withdrawing bone marrow, we aren’t cutting you open, exposing you to potential infections, or anything invasive like that.

With our procedures, you can get all the prep out of the way just once. We can harvest extra stem cells while we are working, and store them in our facility. Stem cells can be stored for more than 20 years, and can be used at any time during their storage to heal your body. If you believe you may suffer another MSD in the future, or you just want some insurance for when you grow older, you can save some healing stem cells right now.

Stem cell treatment and PRP therapy is all natural. The blood and cells are taken from your own body, so there’s very little chance that your body with reject the treatment. There is less chance of infection versus a surgery where artificial components are added to the body.

Get Back on the Fast Track to Success

Overall, choosing to heal your MSD with PRP therapy or stem cell treatments can result in the ability to get back on top. If you had a five-year or 10-year plan for your career that was put on hold by your carpal tunnel or other MSD, this is your chance to revitalize those dreams. You don’t have to be held back by pain, and you don’t have to wonder if your body parts will one day just give out on you.

Instead, you can turn back time with brand new tissue created by your very own body parts. Give us a call at 972-668-9612 to schedule your consultation appointment today. Our team of certified surgical doctors wants to help you get your career back on the fast track.

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