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Non-Narcotic Pain Relief

Non-Narcotic Pain Relief

At Texas Cell Institute, our mission is to offer our patients the most advanced form of pain management, optimizing the body’s own ability to heal injured tissue. We believe that the traditional routes of pain management, including anti-inflammatory medications, steroids injections & narcotics may have a role in managing pain in certain situations, but for long term, more definitive management of pain, our cutting-edge regenerative approach is superior.

Although anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections & narcotics may help in masking pain in acute injury situations, long term use of these medications could pose harmful effects. All medications come with a side effect profile, some of which may cause a new disease state. For instance, certain anti-inflammatory medications may help with arthritis pain, but may cause a stomach ulcer. Steroid injections may also help with pain of an inflamed joint, but over time, steroids are known to toxic to cartilage cells, possibly accelerating your need for more invasive therapy such as surgery. Narcotics also have a spectrum of side effects, some of which may have serious consequences such as addiction and even death.

At Texas Cell Institute, we will meet our patients where they are in the process of managing their pain, but maintain the common goal of focusing on regenerative therapies to attack the source of your pain rather than merely masking your symptoms. This approach requires knowledge, patience and motivation to achieve the ultimate goal of relieving pain and we are here to help.

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