Physical Stress Creates Significant Health Risks for Police Officers

chronic joint pain
Physical Stress Creates Significant Health Risks for Police Officers
Posted by: admin, Posted On: July 20, 2016

The psychological and physical stressors included in police duties put our law enforcement at significantly increased risk for long term health risks, including chronic joint pain.

Injuries are potentially inevitable for law enforcement officers, who during the course of a career have multiple physical responsibilities, from wearing heavy armor and carrying several pounds of imbalanced equipment to repetitive movements that cause gradual wear and tear of their joints to physical altercations to keep our communities safe.

It is commonplace for the majority of police officers to work through their pain and injuries. Similar to high-level athletes who have the urgency to get back on the field, police officers also do not like to missing work due to injury. Although the attitude is incredibly commendable, acute injuries may evolve into chronic pain if not properly treated in a timely manner.

chronic joint painOfficers, and for that matter everyone, should be well aware that if your pain either does not subside or worsens in a 4 week period, it is time to seek help. Not just any help, but professional help, but someone who is dedicated to preventing you from needing long term medication or even worse, potent narcotic medications and even invasive surgery that could end your police career as you know it.

When officers do experience that inevitable injury, therapy needs to be designed to help them preserve their joints for long-term health. Therapy must be individualized and treatment must be precisely delivered to not only mask painful symptoms, but also give their injuries the ability to heal and regenerate.

Currently, the protocols being employed by nearly all medical practices include steroid injections, anti-inflammatory medications, invasive surgery and post operative narcotics. Of all people, police officers know the implications and toll painkillers can have on a person, both in the community and colleagues of theirs as well.

At Texas Cell Institute, the approach is far more sophisticated and personalized to each of our patients. The mission at Texas Cell Institute is to help heal injury and regenerate damaged tissue caused by repetitive use injury or trauma. At the state of the art facility in Frisco, Dr. Mirchandani practices precision medicine and utilizes powerful growth factors derived from a patient’s own platelets and precisely deliver them to areas of injury. These growth factors are far more powerful than steroids in helping you preserve your back, neck and joints for long-term health.

If you are human, you have had an injury and have felt pain. We all have. Texas Cell Institute is committed to healing the pain of all our fellow friends, families and communities…and the police force who protects us.

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